Registration and Login Enquires

My Client has told me that I need to register with Go Induct. How do I do this?

In order to register on Go Induct, please go to the log-in page and click on the “First time User? Register here” button.

All you need to get started is your company’s Induction code, and the client / vendor you will be doing work for. If you do not know which client you are going to do work for, it is usually the client that manages the site you will be performing work on.

If you do not have your company’s Induction code, you will need to contact the client directly and ask them to send you a ‘Induction Invitation’ email. This invitation email will contain all the information required to get started. If you are unsure who to contact, then speak to your site administrator or the person who first asked you to complete works at their site.

What is my Induction code and where do I find that?

The ‘Induction code’ is sent out in the email invitation for a contractor to register staff and/or subcontractors on GO Induct. All the staff required to register for that business (and any subcontractors) would use the same Induction code.

What is my password?

Your password is whatever you chose to set it up as when your account was created. If you did not set up your own account (i.e if an administrator set it up for you), then you can ask your administrator what they registered your password to be.

If you do not remember what your password is, you can click on the “forgotten your username or password” link to receive an email with a link that will allow the system to send you a randomly-generated password you can log in with.

I tried to reset my password, but I haven’t received the email?

Please check your spam filters / junk mail folder

I have forgotten my username and/or password. What do I do?

On the Go Induct login page, you will find “forgotten your username or password”. Click on the link and follow the prompts.

My email is already registered, what does this mean?

This means that you have already registered.

If you do not remember what your username and / or password is, please follow the “Forgotten your username or password” link that is found on the log-in page.

I want to use the same email address for multiple account. How do I use it?

It’s a system requirement to have a separate email address for everyone. We are unable to amend this from our side. There will be Induction expiry notification sent out to the Inductees from 28 days prior to expiry and the email address is also useful to reset the Password.


What inductions do I need to do and where do I find them?

For JLL, you will be required to complete two inductions; the Contractor Safety Induction (also known as the JLL Generic Induction) and a Site-Specific induction that is specific to the site address you will be working on.

You can find the JLL Generic Induction under “My Inductions” tab, and you can find the Site Inductions under the “Site Inductions” tab. Just enter the street address into the search bar and hit “submit”.

JLL contractors - I’m doing this Induction and clicking “Next” but nothing happens?

The JLL Induction contains an Audio Clip that needs to be listened to before you are allowed to progress with rest of the induction. As such, the “Next” button has been disabled. Once the audio clip has finished, your induction will advance automatically, so there is no need to click on anything.

I have a JLL Contractor Safety Induction card which is still valid. Do I still have to do the Induction?

Go Induct website does not provide any Induction card so we are unable to comment whether JLL will accept the card. We will provide the Certificate of Induction that is required when you go onsite and might be requested by the Security personnel or JLL staff member.

When I click on the Launch Course button for the general safety induction nothing happens – it just returns to Launch Course.

You have a pop-up blocker installed on your web browser. Disable that and the induction window will be able to open.

How do I disable my web browser’s pop-up blocker?

Check the Help tab for instructions. If your browser type is not listed, you may need to do a Google search for instructions.

I have disabled my browser’s pop-up blocker but the induction window still doesn’t open.

If you have a Yahoo or Google tool bar installed it may need to be removed. There are instructions under the Help tab. If you have allowed pop-ups in your browser and removed any tool bar (which have pop-up blockers installed) and the new window still doesn’t open, you may need to check your internet security and/or firewall settings. Sometimes using a different web browser can help.

The induction window is opening and I can hear the induction but I can’t see anything or I’m getting a grey screen.

It could take some time to load, so wait for a bit. If still nothing, you may not have the latest video streaming codecs or flash player installed. Try accessing the inductions by changing your web browser to a new edition of Google Chrome which comes with flash player and the latest codecs already installed.

I have completed the general safety induction but when I preview my certificate the completion data is missing (it doesn’t list the course as completed)?

Try logging out and back in again. This should update the completion data required.

Site Inductions

The link for the site-specific induction states ‘not available.’

You will need to log out and then log in again to update the completion data for the general safety induction. If you have not completed the general safety induction, you will need to do that before accessing the site-specific inductions. You will find a link for the general safety induction under the My Inductions tab.

I can’t find the site-specific inductions that I need to do.

You can search for these sites under the Site Inductions tab. Go to the search box and type in the street name or street number or name. Don’t select a state. Then hit submit. If the site has just been taken over by JLL, the new induction documents may not have been uploaded to GO Induct as yet. Please discuss alternative induction arrangements with your site manager.

Bulk purchase

How do I do a bulk purchase?

Click here to view the step by step instructions.


Why is it prompting me to pay again when I log in?

The GO Induct registration is an annual fee. If it has been a year since your last payment you will be prompted to pay again. If you have paid recently but the payment hasn’t been applied to your account, please contact the support team during business hours on 1300 733 263 and have your payment reference number handy.


How do I get my certificate?

You can preview, print, email or download your certificate using options under the Certificate tab.

Can I get a smaller version of the certificate?

Yes you have an option of A6 or A4 size.

I have completed all my inductions and the certificate has someone else’s name on it.

You may have logged in using someone else’s username and password. At the top right-hand side of the page it should say ‘You are logged in as ….’ If that is not your name, then you are logged into the wrong user account.

Technical Enquiries

The video in my course is not playing. What do I do?

Any video induction hosted by GO Induct requires that you have all pop-up blockers disabled (even those associated with tool bars and firewalls). Check the Help tab for instructions on how to do this or, alternatively, you can search for instructions for your particular web browser on Google (or another search engine).

Occasionally a browser will experience difficulties displaying the general induction video (it may show a grey screen and not appear to load). This can be a slow process (depending on the speed of your internet connection).

Please allow ten minutes before going on to try the suggestions below.

If the induction has already been completed or attempted on the computer that you are using this can cause problems.

In this case you should clear your browsing history, delete any cookies and use the right click and refresh option (in internet explorer) to clear the cache.

You could also try using a different browser – Google Chrome or Firefox are both good alternatives.